About Bavarian Enterprises

For over twenty years the BMW cognoscenti of St. Louis have known to take their cars to Bavarian. But what they have also known is how inaccurate it would be to reduce Bavarian to just a repair shop. Of course Bavarian is a BMW repair shop, and now Mini owners can gain admission too; but for those who know—Bavarian has always been something more.

It's hard to put a finger on it, but perhaps it's like an eccentric professor you may have had, one who spent hours in the lab obsessing over mechanical and chemical relationships you still don't understand, the one who sometimes didn't hear a question over his thinking, or might sometimes answer one with only a grimace, or who would say things like, "don't touch that." The one who, so long as you wouldn't pester him, would always help you mend your science fair project, or explain the faulty assumptions that hobbled it. No one would ask him to baby sit, but there was no one better for a technical intervention.

Bavarian has established a reputation for doing what needs doing, finding what's next, using the parts needed, and leaving what's good till later for later. Most facilities, on the other hand, assume you'll never return and instead want to bill every hour out of you today. However, these are conflicts of conscious unknown to eccentric professors. For him it makes no difference if it's slick and new, or rode-hard and put away wet. Every machine can have only so many needs, and can be only so far from right. There is a difference between what is needed today and what can wait for later. Getting it back using the most cost effective and practical means is all that matters.

After all, it is a BMW. You didn't get it just because it was new, or just because of the handsome Roundel on the hood, you got it because it is the mechanical incarnation of a philosophy of life—there is a right way, and a right way to get there. Bavarian understands this as only your eccentric professor can. And by the way, he loves BMWs.

Our Team

John LaClair

First BMW in 1972; Has worked on cars since 1967; (hardly works at all now); Answers the phone (Sometimes)

Jason Buchek

Top Tech with an english major; Collects old MGs & Triumph; (Unfortunately, on our lot)

Jon Cunningham

Worked on BMW 2002's when they were new; Had his own Jaguar shop until he saw the light and started at Bavarian.

Edgar Cunningham

Our "Radar O'Reilly"; Knows where all the keys are & what was done to that blue car 3 years ago.

Chris Starks

Our tire Guru. Also motorcycle expert. Loves what he does and it shows in his work.

Samuel Leach

The most recent refugee from the dealer network. Drives an M car. Fresh training on newer cars and electric cars. We hope he loves working here.

Andrew Krause

Arguably our fastest tech. Track junky with SCCA instructor as a label. Owns own race BMW as well as Noble M400. (Just like the owners car)

Ed Schmidt

Manager at our Brentwood location and 'Transmission Magician'; Gearhead since father won cycle races in the ’60s; Over 20 years shop experience

Cynthia LaClair

VP in charge of Landscape design & Money Management. Our Accountant & the one REALLY in charge

Pat Hughes

The Establishmentarianist of the group (whatever he means by that). Top dealer tech turned rogue; Master of newcar electronics.

Nick Sneathen

Was the new kid in the shop. Now at the desk as well as under cars. Brilliant and energetic and now that there's someone younger here, he's no longer blamed for all that goes wrong.

John Jennings

New manager at Manchester shop. 15 years experience managing an auto auction shop. Used to dealing with car dealers so BMW owners are a relief. (Also his name is John so can be blamed for John the owners mistakes)

Russell Fowler

The property and maintenance manager. Talented and energetic. Turned extensive horse experience into horsepower helper.

Scott Morse

Refugee from the dealer system. Has all the knowledge needed to program away a cars toubles.